Servicing asset managers with flexibility and simplicity

We are an authorized Management Company (ManCo) offering third party risk,
governance, and oversight services to client fund managers.

Who we are

In an era of competition and regulatory complexity, the asset management industry needs new alternatives.
MANCO.PARIS is a French one-stop-shop helping fund initiators to be consistent with their investment strategies.
We proudly assist our customers in their new projects in France, Europe, and overseas.

Jérôme Coirier


Delphine LeFessant

Middle and Back Office Manager

Etienne Martin​

Risk Management and Reporting Manager

Thomas Bertrand

Chief Compliance Officer

André Mayens

Managing director

Cindy Elalouf​

Founding Partner (BCM Holding)

Jérôme Glodas​

Founding Partner (BCM Holding)

You are an asset manager

Focus on your clients and their investment returns

A fund initiator

You intend to launch new vehicles, or create an ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY …

Project structuration and coordination (Asset Management Company, funds)

We support you from the early stages of the project and throughout the life of the fund

An existing asset management structure

We offer you a full-service package to discharge you

Middle and Back Office Management

Guarantor of the proper execution and monitoring of your operations until their valuation.

Compliance Management

We make sure that your operations stay ahead of regulatory change, controlling your UCITS/AIF funds.

Risk Management

We supervise financial risks inherent to investments. This is our monitoring and due diligence role.


We draft regulatory reports, KIID, Prospectus and Factsheets.

For a commercial development of your business

Marketing service

We advise and help you in the redaction of the commercial documentation.


Our MANCO.PARIS label “boosts” your visibility by organizing specific meetings and events with professional investors.

You are an institutional investor

One-stop-shop of your assets under management

An independent risk supervisory service

Risk management

Our dedicated team uses its know-how to control and monitor your market risks.

We supervise and monitor the risk profile evolution of the mandate/fund.

Compliance management

We objectively audit and monitor your compliance.
We ensure you comply with the characteristics defined in the mandate. We oversee your compliance with procedures, investment constraints, legal documentary requirements, and MIFID rules.

Reporting consolidation service


We provide a consolidated view of all your investments across multiple custodians.
So, we can seamlessly provide you a bespoke reporting service.
We draft the major regulatory reports (KIID, prospectus, factsheets) and redact ESG reports using your reference data.

A simplification of your mandate allocation

Operational position management and overall supervision of activities

We act as fund managers for your mandates.
We properly execute and monitor your investment and divestment operations until their valuation.